Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer 2012: Please be kind & rewind

So I have been needing to post for a while and I have been super excited to post about my classroom (I can't believe I just said that).  Before I begin with my classroom though I thought I would make a post to recap this QUICK summer!!

The first few weeks I was lazy, enjoyed my sweet baby, and savored the last few days before she turned 1!
One of Berklee's birthday gifts was a sand and water table.  Instead of waiting until her birthday to give it to her, I gave it set it up early so she could enjoy it all summer long!

We have enjoyed several days at the splash pad, she wasn't so sure about it at first, but she loves it now!

Mommy made sure to spoil her plenty and we got ice cream after the hot afternoon at the splash pad!

As Berklee's birthday was quickly approaching, a wonderful family friend took Berklee's first birthday pictures!! She was obsessed with the cupcake and I was obsessed with how stinking cute she was!

Next came the birthday party, we had to have it a week early so that some family could make it!  I was definitely impressed with how well she did opening her gifts!! Her first baby doll was a big hit with her!! :) 

She was also obsessed with her new toy phone too, she walks around to house talking on it all the time!

She has had a few melt downs, this one specifically over her pudding cup being all gone! Haha, I love it!

To continue with the week of festivities, we headed out to Sea World, just the two of us!! This was taken right before we headed outside to make a few splashes in the pool!

Berklee was LOVED the animals, well from afar.  She wasn't too much of a fan of them when we got up close to them.   We fed the dolphins, or well I fed the dolphins, while she pushed away from the edge of the tank trying to get away!
We spent two days at Sea World, it made it much more do able and we were able to see pretty much everything, including sesame street! 
Berklee also got to go to her first concert, Elmo Rocks! :)  She thought she was a BIG kid and needed to be right up front with all the other kids, pushing her way through! 
 We made it back just in time for her actual birthday!  We celebrated with lunch at our favorite, Mcalisters, dinner with her Uncle Will and Aunt Cameron, followed by cupcakes, oh and MORE presents! (like she really needed them!)

The fourth of July was a blast, we always go to the parade in Belton and sit on a family friends yard right off of main street!  Berklee loved all the horses and floats!  I can't wait to do this every year with her, this is something I always look forward to! 
Berklee also went to her first fourth of July rodeo, another tradition I have done every year growing up with my family!

We took LOTS of naps this summer, I am finally trying to ween myself off of them so that I can function once school starts back up!
Berklee was obsessed with a little chair at my cousins when we went over there for a birthday party.  I think her favorite part was that she could get on and off of it all by herself!  When I found this little gem on clearance at target for $7 I couldn't pass it up!  She was immediately attached to it, she wanted to sit on it while it was in the cart, and ended up throwing a little Berklee fit because of it... we left quickly!  She also thinks it is funny to stand up on it when she thinks mommy is not looking, sneaky girl!
We were able to go up to Dallas and spend a weekend with Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Cody for Lindsey's birthday!  
Berklee has discovered Mommy's make up.... It is so funny to watch her and see all the things she picks up on!  Here she is wearing a headband, had a makeup brush, and a makeup container brushing makeup all over herself!  

As July has come to an end, we made one more special trip, to Stephenville to see Aunt Ashley get married!  While we were there, Mommy let Berklee have her first experience with McDonalds.  I am NOT a fan of Mcdonalds, at all.  This was a BIG deal for me, but she loved it and so it made it all ok!  Yes, she was still in her PJ's!
As I was getting Miss B ready for the wedding, since she was the flower girl, I go to put her dress on her......Only to FREAK out and realize I made a HUGE "uh oh!"  When I grabbed her dress out of the closet to take with us, I grabbed the WRONG dress!!  I grabbed the dress I wore as a flower girl when I was about 18 months old!  The bride wasn't worried and everyone thought she was just precious in the dress!  It was a little big and everyone was right, she was absolutely precious!! I hope that when she is 18 months she will have the same amount of hair as I did, hers if FINALLy growing!

Obviously we have had a busy summer, but it has been so much fun, minus the fact that I am realizing that it is almost over.  I am somewhat ready for the routine of work again.  I have been spent several days in my room and professional development already preparing for this school year, I'm getting excited!! :)

My next few posts will be school related, writer's workshop, classroom decor, and projects!!