Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hi ho, hi ho....

It's off to work we go!  Well.... I technically have one more day until the madness of back to school really sets in, but to be honest my brain has been back for weeks now!

I have spent several days in my classroom and it is almost ready for my new munchkins to arrive! I am absolutely in LOVE with my theme of the Olympics this year.  It is the first time I've actually done a whole classroom theme, bulletin boards, table signs, word wall, and basically all decorations around the room.  Yes, I realize the Olympics are now over (don't remind me), but it will be fresh on their mind, encourage lots of teamwork, and I just think the idea is overall just FUN!  :)

So here is a preview of my room!

This is my bulletin board outside of the classroom, I'm so happy with how it turned out, my favorite part are the cute little torches I made! Once I have my student's names I will write them on stars and add them to the board.

Up close of the torch!

I have become obsessed with the idea I found on pinterest.... CRINKLE BORDER! Genius idea, it didn't take that long, gives the boards an awesome pop, plus I saved about $20 by not having to buy new boarder! I'm all about saving the money, that is a lot of diapers! :)

My word wall, I'm pretty proud of myself and the things I have created for my room this year Don't mind the wall only being halfway completed in this picture, it is now all the way done and ready for words to be added!

My classroom library, still a work in progress. I decided to make all new book box labels. I've done a ridiculous amount of reorganization in my room this year!

  I also made this, my "where are we" poster, chevron obsessed!

Another one of my pinterest ideas... I think this is going to be my new best friend this year, no more searching for this and searching for that.... I hope...

I also made the cute little signs, each group of tables is a "team"... so I have a swimming team, equestrian team, canoeing team, fencing, and eh boxing team I think! I think the kids are going to love them, too! They get to pick their team, well for the first few days at least! :)

Yet, another pinterest idea....We will be doing writer's notebooks this year, check out my previous post to learn more about it. Anyway, instead of allowing the students to decorate theirs to the extreme I did, I made it a little easier. I just cut paper to fit onto the cover and then used a dab of hot glue on the back cover, stuck in a piece of ribbon, and vuala they now have a bookmark too! :) I will let them use stickers, crayons, markers, etc to decorate the covers.

My principal asked me to mentor one of our new teachers this year, so I made her this cute, survival/welcome basket!

It is hard to believe that school is about to start, where has my summer gone?! It makes me super sad to think I won't be able to spend everyday, all day with my sweet baby! I don't have much of a choice though... plus I really do love my job! :)

Here is a little picture of my weepublican after her nap today! :)
Ekkk, I just love her so much!! Kelli Ann

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