Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Motivational Monday....on Tuesday!

So this week is off to a rough start.  I think most weeks after a long-ish break are rough, the kids come back and seem to have forgotten everything you have taught them and completely erased their minds of all of your expectations.  Maybe this isn't how everyone's kids are, but geez Louise, it is how mine are this week! YIKES, it's only Tuesday and I've wanted to pull my hair out multiple times.  This all could be due to the fact that I started off the week still partially sick therefore my patience level wasn't quite as as high as it usually is.

On top of all of that, I found out yesterday that a student at our school lost their parent very sudden and unexpectedly.  It really puts life into perspective, it reminds you that life is short.  It reminds you how truly important it is to cherish every moment you have with your kids (your own and classroom) and your loved ones.  You don't know that those you love will be here tomorrow, because tomorrow isn't promised.  Yes, life can be difficult.  It can be a struggle, exhausting, stressful, worrisome... must I go on?!  While it can be all of these things, life can also be wonderful, breath taking, exciting, and wonderful.  It comes down to what we make of it and frankly knowing that life can be all of these things, the fact that life is so SHORT, it makes you wonder why we ponder and spend so much time and effort focusing on the "bad parts" of life instead of always cherishing the little moments that make life so WONDERFUL!  For example, the little pony tail that my baby had in her hair when I picked her up from the babysitter, seriously, she looked so grown up.  I was sad, my baby isn't so much of a baby anymore, but I am loving seeing the beautiful little girl that she is turning into. 

With all that said, when I saw the linky for Motivational Monday that Sara over at Smiling in Second Grade was doing, I couldn't resist writing this today.  So here are my motivational phrases, thank you pinterest, you never fail!
 This first one, was totally a God thing.  I went to Pinterest earlier today, and it popped right up, no search, first repin it showed me!  Something that sometimes I think we ALL need to be reminded. 

 Again, something I think we all need to be reminded of at times.  These reminders are my motivation!

With all this being said, it is my goal this week to let the little annoyances go!  Ok, I yes my kids don't remember what I expect of them or anything we learned the week before Thanksgiving, but they are all here, happy, and healthy.  :)  I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! 


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