Sunday, January 13, 2013

Be the BEST you, you can be!

Whew, it is hard to believe that the weekend has passed and tomorrow starts another work week.  Here is a quick recap my roller coaster of a week!

Last Sunday ....... I stayed up late working, I decided last minute that my need for CHANGE said that morning work needed a makeover!  (If you haven't checked out my post about change, click here!)Keep in mind that my morning work has been going just fine, however there were a few things that I felt like I needed to squeeze into the school day like handwriting, grammar practice, and extra math spiraling that I could only fit in during this time!  I am very happy with my new layout and my kids like the variety, too!  I decided for some strange reason to print things out at home (which I NEVER do) so that I could throw them in for copies quickly the next morning....

Monday- I got to school only for my computer to C...R...A...S...H...E....D first thing!! THANK THE LORD I printed everything out that I need (well minus my lesson plans!!! GRR) that I needed for that day! 

Tuesday - I still had no word on my computer, which began to really make me nervous.  It only made me as nervous as it did because I STILL needed to make my sub plans for Thursday and Friday!  At the end of the day my campus tech brought in my computer and connected it to my personal Time Capsule by Apple that I brought in to back everything back up on the computer!  I had never been so excited to see my computer. 

Wednesday - Another day crammed full of learning, I had to set them up for everything else they would be doing for the week, since I would be gone!  Needless to say it was a BUSY day!

Thursday & Friday - SDE Conference!

Oh, and I think that my computer is out of commission again.  Thankfully I had not already completed my lesson plans for this week or done any other kind of work on it!

I'm excited to head back tomorrow even though I could go without the early morning wake up call from my trusty alarm!  I miss my kids like crazy, which my qualify me as being crazy to some!  Seriously though, I love my kids!

So, I tried to make the above update a slightly condensed because I'm DYING to post about the conference I spent Thursday and Friday at with my wonderful friend and co-worker, Diana!  I am not going to share EVERYTHING I learned and all of my ahhhhaaa moments at once because that would make this post qualify for one of the LONGEST posts EVER Awards!  My goal is to post a couple times this week and next so I can share some of the awesomeness!

I will start with my favorite presenter, Debbie Silver, and work backwards later on this week.  I say work backwards because she was the Keynote on Friday and the presenter for 4 other sessions, 2 of which I attended.

If you have not had the pleasure of attending a conference with her, YOU MUST!!!  She is hilarious, very matter of fact, says exactly what you're thinking in your head, but out loud!  She was born and raised in Texas, but now resides in Louisiana. She is an author, song writer, speaker, and humorist.  Two of her books are next on my reading list!

Be on the lookout for another post this week about her sessions, it's going to be some good stuff!  

Oh & of course I can't leave without sharing a few pictures of B from this week! :)
I hope you all have a wonderful week!! :)

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