Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Nerdy Side

Whew, is it seriously only Tuesday?!?  Today, since I woke up, I seriously have felt like it is without a doubt a Wednesday.  Maybe it is because it is only a four day week and my body is trying to play along with the fact that today was like a Wednesday!  I am sure it is that the spring fever has fully set in.... it's the time of year that all I want to do is sleep an extra 10 or 30 minutes, that staying outside and enjoying the beautiful day is more tempting than heading back into the classroom (ok, maybe that isn't just because it's spring), and most importantly the panic with spring has set in.  You mean that I still have five bajillion things to teach in the next 9-10 weeks?!?!  Maybe I'm exaggerating about there being five bajillion things, but geez Louise, it feels like that many! 

Even though this week began rough due to the fact that my attic fell through into my garage.... yes, you read that right, part of my attic fell into the my garage on Sunday night.... my day was absolutely 100% made by one of my students and his mother today! 

 After school, I was in the office talking to the secretary and one of my little babies from last year walked in looking for me with the flowers pictured above.  I asked what they were for and he said "because your attic fell into your garage." Sweetest. Thing. Ever.  Yes, I'm talking about the kid and the gesture!  I was smiling ear to ear due to the sweet little thought that brightened my whole week! :) The picture of the garage may not look that bad, but the long, loud crash that I heard as I was getting ready for bed scared the you know what out of me!  I was terrified that someone was breaking in or my house was going to collapse.... Walking into the garage and seeing shattered glass ALL OVER the ground and debris all over the hood of my car almost gave me a heart attack.  There were probably 20 broken ornaments and a broken snow globe.  Thankfully, Berklee's ornaments were spared!!  I was, however, BEYOND thankful that it was the crashing of the garage rather than someone trying to break into my house or the crashing of the ceiling in my room or B's room! Yes, it stunk cleaning up glass all over the ground at 11 at night, but then again it could have been much worse.  It's all about perspective.

As if today wasn't already a great enough day, I also received my new MacBaby that I ordered a little over a week ago!! Talk about one happy momma, yep, that's me! :)
I've had the itch for a new computer for well over a year now and since my old Mac and my school Mac are both "glitching" .... no they aren't smiling, they are truly crapping out!  It makes me frustrated when I am trying to create things and the computer is freezing or going super slow or just won't work period.  So this Mac snob lover, just upgraded!  Whomever said "once you go Mac, you'll never go back" was NOT joking!! I am seriously illiterate when it comes to using a PC after 5ish years with my Mac!  I love that my district is completely Apple!  One of my co-workers actually made quite a bit of fun of me for just how nerdy my excitement about this computer was/is, but I just can't help it! :)

We only two more days to a three day weekend, HOORAY!!!  I hope you all have a great week and I plan to be back Friday with a fun freeebie! :)

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  1. I always hit the 'spring panic' about now too! All of the sudden, I feel like I have taught my babies NOTHING and I need to cram it in NOW!

    I would be super excited about a new computer too! I get excited over anything techy :)

    My Kinder-Garden