Wednesday, May 29, 2013

EOY Madness!!

I feel like a huge sense of PANIC has set over my body, mind, ....Oh & classroom!  I have 7 days to pack up my classroom... which will mostly be done the last two because we aren't supposed to break anything down really until the end of the last school day. I have however been trying to reorganize. 

I received these AH-MAZING boxes on Tuesday!!! EEEE.... I might have done a happy squeal and dance when I got news they were on their way up to my room!  I purchased LOTS of new storage boxes... an even more AH-MAZING pocket chart (I will share about that on another day) & some new FABULOUSLY colored book boxes. 

This is what I got started on IMMEDIATELY after my kids were out the door!! :)



You can see there is a major difference!! My favorite thing is that you can actually SEE what is INSIDE of the boxes!! Hello!  There has been even more change now after today... But I didn't think far enough ahead to actually take pictures of that!! Once it's all done & I'm happy with it I will share another picture!!

This weekend we had a B.L.A.S.T. & enjoyed every moment of our 3 day weekend!
B & I had a blast out on the lake with my parents and grandma!! :) 

We met up with a sweet friend 2 nights in a row to catch up!! She lives in Houston so it's a rare occasion for us to see her!  We love you Ker! :)

Then... Monday night I prepared for my end of the year BALLOON popping incentive!!
Of course B had to get in on the action!! :)  This year I added a little more fun to the balloons and put tissue paper confetti inside of the balloons!! It has made quite a mess, but of course my kids L.O.V.E. it! :)

Here is a close up of the cards!  You can get them for {FREE} in my TPT store!! :)

This has been a HUGE hit with my kids, just as it was last year!! My kids were ecstatic when the got into the room!!! :) Thank you Pinterest teacher who pinned it long ago.  If you were the original creator & pinner or know of them, let me know so I can give them some Kudos & Credit! :)

I got to thinking that these cards could also be used on a prize board or something too!  Just another idea.... :)

So tonight I shall TRY to get some rest & be asleep in bed BEFORE 10!    I will be back on Friday to share lots of other fun pictures of things I'm doing in my classroom for NEXT year... I've been having a blast using my vinyl and Silhouette Portrait machine this week!!! :)

Oh & my AC is FINALLY getting better.... That is it's only 76ish degrees instead of 80 .... It's amazing how much cooler 4 degrees is!!

Happy Wednesday!  6 more days, 6 more days, ONLY 6 more days!!!!!!!!!! .... school days that is... with my kids!


  1. So, I'm going to have to do this balloon thing next year! Its been all the rage! Agreed, manipulatives look lots better. That's another idea to put on my list. We are lucky, we can leave everything up, praise the Lord!!! Enjoy yourast few days : )

    For the Love of First Grade

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