Thursday, May 23, 2013

Single Digits & OK Benefit

So it is OFFICIAL... we are down to single digits!
I'm pretty excited, but I would be even more excited if I was getting a 4 day weekend, instead of just a 3.  No, I'm not trying to be greedy... but all the surrounding districts... and well basically over half the people I know.... NOT just teachers have a 4 day weekend! Ugh.  I will suck it up though, I'm just excited for only 9 more days!!! Whoop, whoop!

You may or may not have seen the benefit that Teacher's Notebook is putting on for Moore, Ok.  Basically, it is one of the MOST AMAZING deals I've ever seen!  With a donation $20 minimum (but can be more) you will receive 511 items!! YOU READ THAT RIGHT, FIVE HUNDRED ELEVEN ITEMS!!!  It is actually an OVERWHELMING amount of things, but they range from pre-k to middle school... maybe even a few HS items!  I have to say that I have already found a few faves that I can't wait to use next year!  As of now when I'm writing this, 344 teacher shops have donated and $33,465 has been donated!! Talk about an amazing profession full of wonderful supporters, makes me wish I sold on TN too so I could donate a bit!! Gosh, I love my fellow teachers!!

Wish me luck... tomorrow is field day!  I'm excited that if I'm going to have to deal with 80 degree temperatures... that it is outside and not in my classroom!  Yes, if you caught my post last week about my classroom AC being broken... it STILL isn't fixed.  I'm one ticked unhappy, sticky, stinky feeling teacher... and bless my sweet babies hearts they too are so sick of it!  I even have two fans that I brought in to TRY and help keep it coolER.  None the less, tomorrow should be fun and I NEED to get some rest! :)


  1. Ugh!! I hear ya sis, 4 days is only fair. We only get 3 too. Boo! I am soooo sorry that you have no AC....that would be the worst.

    Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

    1. I agree... 4 days would only have been fair... but I'm not going to complain anymore... 3 days was NICE!! 6 more school days left & my AC is finally getting better.... EVEN though it is not nearly as cool as it should be! I didn't sweat at all today!! haha :)