Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale: What's on your wish list?

So I'm going to TRY to make it short and sweet tonight.  I'm tired & oh so ready to get some GOOD rest!  After sleeping on a hotel bed Friday and a sick baby last night, I am beat!

I'm sure you've heard that TPT is having their Teacher Appreciation Sale this week!  Most sellers are offering 20% off, then you add the additional percentage TPT is offering, you can save up to 28%!
I figured it would be fun to share with each other what we plan to snag and save on! 

I'm sure I will end up spending some time on TPT and add a few more..... but this is all I have so far!  :) 
Before I go though.... Here are few pictures from last week! :)
 I always love the headbands that Leeby does with her Kinder kids.  It gave me an idea to have my kids do a around the room style of review for our probability & fractions test using this idea!! Let me just say, the headbands were a HUGE hit!  :) Thanks Leebs for the inspiration!
Since we had caterpillars arrive 2 weeks ago, we have been talking insect life cycle!  We used Amy Lemons Butterflies  & Frogs unit a lot this week!  I added a little bit more pizzaz to this activity and had the kids trace out their arrows, put the parts of the cycle in order and then trace, cut, and paint their butterflies!  They always enjoy anything to do with painting! 
 On Friday we talked celebrations around the world and then did a little Cinco de Mayo talk & celebrating!  The kids had some chips and salsa ....
 and then they made paper bag pinatas!

Saturday morning was the color run!! I have to admit, not running for a time and having color thrown at you throughout the run was very enjoyable!!  I can't wait to do it again!
Enjoy the week!


  1. Girl! Thanks for the shout out! And your blog is looking so good! Happy Monday, Kelli!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. Glad the Color Run was awesome!! WooHoo 23 more days!! :)