Thursday, May 16, 2013

What a week.

I don't know about you, but this week has been EXHAUSTING.  The kids are crazy wild, wait maybe crazy is the actual word... they seriously have lost their everloving mind!  I mean seriously.  My second graders have decided they need to begin passing notes.  Not listen to the teacher.  Ignore each other.  Not care about their work, whether it is doing it correctly, neatly, or for some even at all.  It's obvious that they have hit summer mode.  We had to have our little "come to Jesus" discussion today.  I threatened expressed that just because there are only 15ish days of school left that I can still let their parents and the principal know they need to go to summer school.  I explained that I still have A LOT to teach and they have A LOT to learn!  I'm pretty sure I will be teaching up until the last school day with as hectic as this year has been!  Luckily this is not my first rodeo and I'm fully aware that this happens in basically EVERY classroom, EVERY year at THIS time.  However, I'm still not okay with it! 

Last week, I fully intended on doing 5 for Friday..... but the week was even MORE exhausting than this week and when I got home with pizza in hand, we seriously laid on the couch watching Tarzan, snuggling, and eating pizza.  Then when we got finished with pizza, we went for the Swiss Miss Fudge bars!  See here is the proof!

Yes, I let her eat it on the couch.  No my couch did not get all dirty... just the cover under her did.  A big ol' bath followed!  Needless to say, I did not have energy to write.  So before tomorrow... I thought I would catch you up to speed on last week!  :)

After buying too much several things on Tuesday during the TPT sale, I went back for seconds!  I bought several other things and I think I will be set for ... well a little while at least! :)

I'm pretty much in love with all three of these purchases!! Especially the American Heroes, there are differentiated passages about many of the people we study in Social Studies, I can't wait to pull these out next year!!

Last week was also the Spring Expo at my school.  It was our first one and quite a hit with both parents and kids!  During the expo, we had projects, demonstrations, videos, pictures, and displays of our enrichment groups.  Each Friday, students get to go to their enrichment group (they choose twice a year) for about 30 minutes.  Our enrichment groups range from photography, lego robotics, archery, board games, crocheting, cheerleading, baseball, running, and oh so much more!  Science fair projects were also displayed through the school during the expo.  The most exciting thing being displayed though were my kids GT projects that they have been working ALL year on!!  These turned out so great!!   I wish I had pictures of all the amazing work my kids have done.... but to be honest as many times as I meant to take pictures... I didn't :(  Not even my science fair board that won us first prize got a picture! :(  The only thing I managed to snag a picture of was my enrichment group display. 
You can see how Miss B enteratined herself during the Spring Expo.  Thank goodness for Kinder teachers and being put in the Kinder hallway! :)

I can't even begin to remember what else happened last week, I just know we made it through the week and I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with my sweet angel!! B even made this for my mom for Mother's Day!

It said had her handprints all around it with the quote " A garden of love grows in a grandmother's heart!"  My mom was in AWE of it!! :)  I'm so thankful to have such a loving and supportive family that spoils me and gives my baby an opportunity to give me presents on special days like Mother's day!  Seeing how excited B was to give me something was so special!! :)

I hope you all have almost survived your week and all had a wonderful Mother's day as well! :)

See you tomorrow! :)

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  1. I'm glad its not just my kids that are crazy/wild! We'll make it through :)

    Happy Friday!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!