Monday, June 17, 2013

Manic Monday

While I have been on summer break for one week, today was my first REAL productive day!  I managed to clean out the spare bedroom, throw away a ridiculous amount of JUNK, scrounge up 3 bags of things for Goodwill, sell a few things to make some $$ on our local consignment page, OH & I managed to make breakfast, lunch, & dinner!  I didn't even take a nap today, I am way proud of my productivity!  Plus, on top of all that I completed day 3 of Insanity!! EEKKK .... I feel like the "chance" card below was funny and appropriate for a mommy & teacher's life!

However, you know that a day as productive as today can't go that amazing without something going wrong... right?!?  Well before making dinner, I received an email saying that I missed a PD session today.... FREAK OUT!  This is one of the PD sessions I was looking forward to MOST this summer... THANKFULLY they are going to let me go to the second session in early July!    My brain at the end of the school year was complete chaos & I mixed up June with July!  I may have just cried if I would have missed it all together!  Yes, I'm one of those cray-cray people who enjoy most professional development days!

Before I forget ... IF you haven't heard .... Google Reader is about to be kaputs!  This means in order to stay up to date on your favorite blogs you need to find an alternative!  I have registered with Google+ where you can follow me (and all your other favorite blogs!) OR my new fave addiction is BlogLovin!  It's super easy to register & add blogs to your list, but my absolute favorite thing about it is that it sends you daily updates of the blogs!  So .... on days that I don't get a chance to check out my google reader BlogLovin account, it lets me know who has made a new post!  Love. It.  It also shows which blogs you've read and which ones you have yet to read!! :)
You can click below to follow me now! :)

I hope you have had a productive start to the week! :)  I plan to be back later this week with a freebie or two for you! :)


  1. What did you miss? My classes are all at the end of July and beginning of August. Sounds like you have been as busy as usual!

  2. Congrats on getting to Day 3 of Insanity! Push, push, push and give it your all! You're gonna love the results!!!

    24/7 Teacher: Amy Harrod