Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reality Check

Even though I've been  counting down the days to summer.... since day like 50... The reality that school ends TOMORROW didn't actually set in until about 1:30 today during our awards ceremony.  I actually had to work really hard to hold back the tears as SEVERAL of my kids were getting their awards! I'm such a sap!  Every year I've had a good group of kids, but I have said all year long that there is something "special" about this group.  I can't pin-point it, but we just all mesh so good together, I'm pretty positive I may shed a few a lot of tears tomorrow. I love my sweet kiddos!!

My kids have been working for about 3 weeks on their animal research project! I will share pictures, hopefully later this week of their journals, but today we had our Animal Wax Museum and my kids were presh!  .... most of them at least!!  :)  I would say that it was a huge hit & after staying perfectly still until their button was pressed performing for ALMOST an hour for 5 other 2nd grade classes and two 3rd grade classes.... they were EXHAUSTED!  It was a proud teacher moment, they really impressed me & everyone else! :)   Some kids costumes were much more detailed than others, but this is 100% authentic KID work... I let them have free reign WITHOUT micromanaging ANY of their costume choices!  I just supplied materials & gave suggestions as they were asked for!  Wish I had videos of some of their actions and facts they shared! 
Wolf Spider
Killer Whale


After this long & hard performance they put on they SO deserved a laid back day and we watched a movie!

I will leave you with a picture of what I was doing about an hour ago! 
Whew... I'm done!  Nothing better than a teacher's procrastination!! I had good intentions, they were printed off 2 weeks ago at least!!  I think the kids are going to L-O-V-E their awards!  I've already thought of a few new ones to add the the selection!

If tomorrow is  your last day.... I hope you enjoy and savor the last few moments with your little ones!!

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  1. I've been getting a bit sappy myself this week. I make a movie for my class each year and burn copies for all the families. It has been tearing me up this year as I work on it!

    My Kinder-Garden