Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ten Things I've Learned Being a Teacher

After three years of teaching... I'm sure I could list a 1,000 things I've learned from being a teacher, but today I will stick to just ten! :)  Thank you Miss. Kindergarten for hosting this linky! :)

 One:  It doesn't matter how prepared I think I am, I never fully prepared for the crazy madness & exhaustion of the first week of school.  Maybe it will change this year.... or maybe not!

Two: Once you become a mother, the way view your kids & how you treat them will forever change.  At least it has for me!  I have always loved my kiddos, but they are even more special once you have your own!

Three: That moment when you look at the floor of your classroom and it is like you're in a nightmare because it looks as though the rainbow has thrown up on your floor.... Well that is when Treasure Trash becomes my best friend!  Treasure trash is where I pick one piece of secret trash, lay down the laws of not pushing, shoving, running, or fighting over trash & release the kids to pick up all the little teensy weensy pieces of trash on the floor..... Let me just say that floor gets clean FAST!  Plus, I always wait until I'm happy with the way the floor looks to tell them to stop and reveal the piece that I've deemed as treasure!  The winner always gets a little something special! :)

Four: Some of my best lessons come from when I'm most least prepared.  Shhh... Don't tell my admin that... but seriously, those teachable moments & best lessons are always unplanned!  They usually make my day, too! :) 

Five:  There will be some days that the only thing that gets me through is a sweet hug from one of my kids or a LONG talk after school with some of my teaching besties!  :)  I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful team!!

Six: My schedule at the beginning of the year will change at least 3 times before the end of the year.  Our specials & lunch time change every year, so it's always hit and miss till I make it work with our schedule!

Seven: My kids eat erasers.  I'm serious.  That or the eraser fairy raids my room EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I put out new pencils!  Finding a pencil with an eraser in my class is like finding that piece of treasure trash!  Thank goodness for those large pink erasers!!!

Eight: Even though I may only have one biological child, I really have 20-something kids that become mine each year!! .... and if I'm being really honest, a handful or two a year stay mine!! ;)  It is amazing the imprints these kids leave on my heart! 

Nine:  I will be called mom at least once a day.  Usually by different kids each time.  Some may  not take that as a compliment, but I do!  I spent more time during the day with them than their own mother, so to be someone they mistake for their mother, is a compliment in my book! :)

Ten:  On days that I feel like I'm going to go insane, I turn on my instrumental christian praise & worship songs & sing my heart my head!  It soothes & relaxes both the kids & I... plus I have yet to have a group that doesn't like it! :)

&& I have to share one more, because seriously, what Friday does not feel like this?!?

Until, tomorrow....


  1. I loved your top 10. The picture for leaving on Friday is too funny!! I can't wait to read more post, thanks for sharing. If you get a chance I would love for you to come and check out my top 10.


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  4. Kelli, can you share with me how you add "surviving the little people" on top of each picture? Is it an quick and easy process? Thanks!

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    1. I do it two different ways..... Sometimes I use an app on my phone A Beautiful Mess.... or I just open up powerpoint, drag in the picture, and add a text box!!! It's really simple! :) I hope that helps!!