Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Countdown is On!

2 weeks from tomorrow, I officially start back to work.  I promise, I am not complaining, because I learned after reading several blogs the other day that many others have already started back & some even have kids already?!?!? What?!??!

I still have 4,509,294,028 (yes, I really think it is that many) things I want to do before school starts, however... Let's be honest, only about 28 (if I'm lucky) of those things will get done!! I feel like I am in the middle of 10 projects right now & and have got to hammer out the last few parts of them!!

When I make things and put them on TPT, it is only because it is something I plan on using for my classroom.  Often times I make things for my room and they NEVER end up on TPT or the blog because I forget.... or don't have time to hammer out a cover page, directions, & credits page that I'm satisfied with!  Does that ever happen to anyone else?!?!  One of my co-workers is always saying "you need to put that on TPT, I would buy it!!"  If only I had more time!

So what are some of the things on this never ending to do list?!?!

- Finish new labels for supply bins
- Make table signs (I'm excited about this one, hopefully I will have pictures of the finished product for you this week)
- Set up a list of table jobs & label desks
- Put the finishing touches on my classroom
- Cover & create the bulletin board outside of my classroom
- Hammer out the first couple weeks of writing & phonics plans
- Put together 1st week plans (I'm so excited about some of the new books I've bought to share this year! post coming soon!! :) )
- Finish Lesson Resource Binders (I only have my Science one done so far ... Math is next!)
- Go Get a Massage ( I think should be top of the list!)
- Get items ready for Writer's Notebook (eekkk... My FAVORITE!!)
- Print out & Laminate copies of new classroom song (All thanks to the wonderful Hope King! {post here})

These are just a few... and already I'm overwhelmed, so I will stop there!! haha

What all is on your back to school to-do list?!?!

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