Sunday, July 12, 2015

Good intentions...

Wow... It has been almost a year to the day since I last even so much as visited my little ol blog. 
I have had good intentions about blogging, laid in bed countless nights, and countless drives where I've planned out this post and how I was going to make it a point to get back to this lovely blog.  
Let me just say, I've missed my get away... 
I don't know about you fellow bloggers, but blogging allows me to remove myself from the chaotic lovely life I live for just a little while.  It gives me the opportunity to vent, over share, dig deep, and do something I never realized I love to do so much until I began blogging... and that is to write.  (Thank you Melissa Leach for reminding me during my very first training with you ehhh 4 years ago how important it is for us as teachers to share our love of writing!)

So.  In my last post, I shared that I had just finished what was my roughest year yet.  Berks had just turned 3.  I had recently not only met an absolutely wonderful man, AND also gotten engaged to him. 

Fast forward a year.... and well, let me tell you, year 5 made me miss year 4.  Like badly.  Year 5 was a whole different kind of a challenge.  While I had a great bunch of kiddos, I had some students with behavioral issues that were challenging at times.  I did however learn to love those kiddos just as my own, even with the sometimes daily problems.  Due to my exhaustion and feeling completely run down, I can't say that I did anything just WOWZA that I hadn't done before in my classroom.  I still tried to pull out as many tricks as I could from my teacher bag, but some days it was just a struggle to get to 2:45... and if you think I'm exaggerating... well just ask my team... they would confirm it.  Like no lie, there were days that I seriously questioned if I still wanted to even teach. It. Was. Rough.

Continuing with the fast forward... Well Berks is now 4.... Yes, F-O-U-R.  Like where the heck has time gone?!  I mean seriously.... you were just a baby.  #stopittime #slowdown #please

Oh & just after turning four ... Just 4 short days ago.... I have Miss B her VERY FIRST haircut.  Yes, four years old and just received her first haircut.  I have to say though, I mean when you don't have hair for the first 2 years of your life, it's a little more justifiable... right?

& Well.... It's been almost 11 months since I had a name change... Yes, a name change because I married this handsome guy! 

It was one of the best days of my life, the day was a blur, the evening more so.  The one vivid memory I have of it is walking down the aisle towards him... It was honestly like we were the only two people in the world, just the two of us, as happy and excited as I could possibly be to marry this handsome man and get to call him mine for the rest of our lives!

It just keeps coming though... you know... the updates... because YES there is more that has happened...  just a few weeks after our wedding.... We found out that we were expecting a baby!!!!

Oh my word, I forgot how exhausting pregnancy is... especially when life from pregnancy one to two was so incredibly different. 

We welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Miss Sadie into our family Mid May.  She has been such a great baby so far and at 8 weeks, she is starting to develop and become more interactive and playful!  This sweet girl is SO VERY LOVED! 
 Please excuse the shear exhaustion on our faces, being born in the middle of the night means no sleep for mommy and daddy for almost the first 48 hours of her life!

So in all of this... the past 18 months or so... the blog has been neglected... my creating has been neglected... and I'm bursting at the seams because I miss it all so much! 

Thankfully, my principal has given me projects here and there to let my creative streak flow.  Creating and blogging ... they are well my stress relievers... it's my getaway from reality... I check out and into another world.  I plan to make it more routine though.  To have a scheduled day every week to have time to for myself and to get back into blogging and creating.  I have LISTS of things that I want to get busy making & blogging about.... So I'm going to try to start getting back on track by making goals so I can get back to one of my favorite things ever! 
& before I leave until later this week, here are a few precious pictures of my sweet baby girl!

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