Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hello, August!

It's been well over a year since I've done a currently & I will be honest, Farley's monthly currently is one of my favorites!! So, here it goes!

Listening: For the past like 2 weeks, my baby has been a crying binge.  Of course it's always at the most inopportune times for me too.  If I'm cooking dinner, she is crying.  If I'm working out, she's crying.  If I think I am gonna get in a little snooze, well she starts crying.  She wants to be held, fed, or well I have no clue what else she wants. Thankfully she is cute!

Loving: So today was day 8 of my 21 days of the 21 day fix!  If you haven't heard of it, look it up!  Or feel free to ask me about it!  I've never LOVED to workout if I'm being completely honest, but today I found myself AFTER I had already done my workout for the day thinking "man I want to work out again."  It's a mix of cleaning eating and working out, in 8 days I've seen the scale move and my clothes fitting more lose! Be gone baby weight! :)
 Doesn't all this food look yummy!!
I also LOVE my new workout pants!

Thinking: After my sister being a thumb sucker for basically ever.... I knew I would fight a thumb sucker.... but when that's the only thing that seems to calm an always crying baby, I say thumb soothing is a go........ My BFF is super excited because her little man is a thumb sucker too!

Wanting: I have not had a day to myself since... I don't even know.  Well before baby S arrived.  Yes, I've been away by myself one 3 different days for professional development, BUT that is not a day to myself if you know what I mean!  I'm super excited that this week, I will get that!! It's WAY overdue!!

Needing: This year, our school is last on the list for cleaning.  Which means, we go back in 2 weeks for inservice & we may not be able to get back into our room until then.  This teacher is in FREAK. OUT. MODE.  As if setting up the classroom wasn't going to be enough, well I'm moving classrooms after five years, so I'm starting classroom set up again from scratch.  Did I mention I'm freaking out!?!? In the meantime I'm trying to get things done that I can for the classroom at home!  Here is my latest update.

B2S RAK:  I have some sweet treats planned, but I won't go into too much detail because I don't want to give it away! ;)

& of course before I go, I have to share another photo of my Berks!  She made her own pizza last night and loved it!! :)

Happy August!!
PS ... did I mention that this is my 100th blog post!!!! A good way to keep me motivated!! :)