Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Update!

So I made a goal to post once a week.... well it has been almost 3 weeks since my last post, oops!  My excuse is that my sweet baby was sick, I got sick, and then it was the end of the 9 weeks.  As all teachers know, the end of the grading week is full of all kinds of hustle and bustle, last minute grading, inputting grades, verifying grades, entering competencies, etc!  Thankfully, about a fourth of the year is over, which means it's almost Thanksgiving and then before we know it, it will be Christmas time! :)

I have been working hard to create a few new things to add to my TPT!  Two of the units are my absolute favorite things to do this time of year.

Verbs!  Verbs! Verbs! I love SUPER VERBS!!!  I have created a TPT unit for a Superhero craftivity, along with a few lesson ideas, anchor chart, and verb charades game! :)  You can click on the link below to check it out in my TPT store, I have it discounted now, too! :)

I also LOVE to read The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey around Halloween.  After we read this story, we brainstorm ideas for writing a story about our own Oscar or Oscarina.
 I created a unit to go along with this story as an extension, it includes a writing piece for students and the template for students to create their own Hallo-Wiener dressed up! :)
Click on the super cute dog below, made specially by MelonHeadz, to head over to the unit in my TPT store.
 As a team, we've made a goal to work on our students basic fact fluency.  To monitor and improve our students fluency for basic addition problems 1-12, I have created a unit includes an explanation to the unit, a parent letter, flash cards, two versions of timed tests, a tutorial for printing multiple pages, and a tracking method with templates.  I am currently on week 2 and I have to admit, my kids L-O-V-E this!  I think it also helps that as they earn their gumball for our tracking, that I also give them an actual gumball to chew on it class.  With a few rules and threats if I find gum ANYWHERE other than their mouth or the trash can! :)  You can click on the picture below to be taken to my TPT store where this unit is available.  I also have a preview available on TPT that shows several of the pages within the unit.
Last weekend, as we started feeling a little better, we headed over to our local pumpkin patch.  We went last year, of course, Berklee was so tiny, she has no recollection of this.  She was IN LOVE with all of the pumpkins, the animals in the petting zoo, the hayride, and well just being outdoors in general.  My only complaint was that it was in the 90's, this weekend it is in  the 50's.  Go figure, that is Texas for you!

She looks too grown up, it's not even funny!

I am so looking forward to this next week, we get to continue our Robert Munsch book study and do a few of Amy Lemon's craftivities from her Teaching with Robert Munsch unit AND we are going to be doing our PIRATE lesson to teach R-CONTROLLED vowels!!! EKKKK, I am a little excited!  Here is a picture of the pirate ships that we list our words on, sorry it is side ways, but you get the point!  Can't wait, can't wait!

Have a happy weekend! :)

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