Monday, March 18, 2013

Make that one Tardy....

As much as I wasn't ready for spring break to be over, I was eager to see my 22 kiddos. You would think with all of this excitement that I would of remembered one of the key things needed to start my day...... Turning on my alarm!! However, that was not the case this morning. I woke up to a sleeping whine of my daughter thinking "why are you awake already, it's Sunday!" ..... Only to realize seconds later that yesterday was in fact Sunday and that today was Monday! Light was peeking through my blinds as I turned over in a panic to check the time........ 6:55, the time that I usually already have B dropped off at her babysitters! Needless to say I was "tardy" my first day back from spring break. I hope this is not an indicator of the way the next 11ish weeks are going to go!!!

Regardless of the hectic morning, my day was overall very exciting and productive!

Once I actually arrived, almost 30 minutes late, and the kids excitement subsided ... We dug into math. We began reviewing multiplication strategies that we learned before spring break, to my surprise, they actually remembered!! :) After we reviewed multiplication we began with division strategies!! This is one of my favorite math lessons ver to teach!! :) *** disclaimer: while I say multiplication and division... I don't call it that in my class, we don't actually use the multiplication and division signs. I explain to them that what we are doing is the begging steps to these processes, setting them up for multiplication and division in third grade....  ***. Each year, for the past three years, I have read The Doorbell Rang. Such a cute book and great intro to this strategy! After we work our way through the book, the kids had the opportunity work through some problems with cookies of their own, cookie crisp that is! :) They enjoy this lesson just as much as me, wish you could have seen their excitement! Nothing like a fun and engaging Monday!!

I have posted a couple times about our upcoming unit over Charlotte's Web! Well, today was the day, we FINALLY got to begin!!! I make such a big deal out of this for my kids because it is our first, well their first, novel study!! I read this book in elementary school and I read to my kids from my original book from elementary school!! It's definitely weathered over the years, but it's still overall in great on condition!!  Reading from my copy as a kid makes it even more special to them.... And me!  I love that they are always amazed with it!! :)
When we headed in from recess, I told the kids there was a surprise for them! During lunch I set out their Charlotte's Web study book, bookmark, and Charlotte's Web book for them on their table. Thanks to a generous parent, ALL of my kids had their own personal copy!! :)

On top of all of this funness... I decided for our brain break to try out the ants in your pants dance video for our brain break today... Let's just say, it was HUGE hit!! If you haven't checked it out, you must!! :)

Tomorrow is field trip day and this momma is exhausted and still sore from completing the warrior dash this weekend, so I will leave you with picture of my best friend and I from the race!! I hope you all enjoy your week!!! :)

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