Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday & Freebie

It's hard to believe that my Spring Break is basically over. :(  While it has flown by, B and I have had a blast, I sure do love my one on one time with her!  For WEEKS I have been wanting to link up for Doodle Bugs Five for Friday.  Usually by the time I get home on Friday though I am so tired exhausted drained, mentally and physically, that I don't have the energy to write, well that and I usually don't have pictures of the things I want to share because of my horrible memory!  I told myself that this week would be my exception! :)  So here it goes.

One: Monday we went to the Dallas World Aquarium.  If you are a Texan and have never been, put it on your list of things to do.  Seriously, it was awesome, minus the fact that it was PACKED!!  I like to be able to move around and there were several times that we had difficulty doing due to the abundance of strollers and gawking. 
Two: Tuesday we had another fun packed day at the zoo!  A friend of mine lives within walking distance of the Ft.Worth zoo so we made a full day out of it!  We made it to the zoo by about 11, left around 1:30 since little miss NEEDED a nap badly!  After her nap, we hit the zoo for round 2 and stayed until they closed at 5!  B was exhausted and so was I after two days on the go!! We were happy to finally make it home late that evening!
Three: Wednesday we made a trip to the park, as if we hadn't been go, go, go enough!  :)  This little girl loves any and everything to do with being outside, so this week has been a dream come true for her!

Four:  Since I get a little anxious staying inside the house all the time, we met Bubba for lunch on Thursday.  Berklee thought she needed to be in control of the salad mixing!
Five: I FINALLLYYYYYYYY finished my Charlotte's Web Unit!!  Yeesh!  I have been working on this in spurts for the past two weeks.  My problem is that once I get into it.... I lose all track of time and am oblivious to everything else going on around!  I am super excited about it... mostly because it is going to be SOOO helpful during our unit!  When I get to doing fun things like book studys, I HAVE to have it laid out specifically, exactly like I plan to do it, otherwise I get distracted and it doesn't go so well.  This is my third year doing Charlotte's Web and I am super-duper excited about reading this book with my kids!  Each one of my kids will have their own copy this year thanks to a generous parent who purchased a class set of the books!  I also was able to bind their study guides together, we make a BIG deal out it!! :)  I don't have a picture, because of course, I forgot to take one of the bound books, but I have put everything together for purchase on TPT!

This unit is by far, my favorite unit I have created yet!  There is a study guide that has pre-reading questions/vocabulary and then a reading reflection.  I have also included 8 different foldables, 4 comparing characters and 4 that students can work on throughout the book so they can see how the character has changed from the beginning, middle, to the end.  A formative assessment/quiz that students must read the clues to identify the correct characters and TWO, yes, TWO different tests with keys!  Along with all of this there are templates for acrostic poems, writing paper, and extension activities listed by chapter!  A lot of work went into this, but it is going to make the next 6 weeks or so of reading a breeze when it comes to planning! :) Click the picture below to check it out in my TPT store, I will have it on sale through the weekend! :) 
Also, if you didn't get a chance to download the bookmarks that I made to go along with this as a freebie, click the picture below! :) 

I hope you all have a great weekend!! I know I will, my best friend is on her way NOW and tomorrow we will compete in Warrior Dash!! I can't believe it's already that time!! :)  For those of you just starting spring break, ENJOY.... for those of you that are ending your spring break, savor the last few days!!



  1. It looks like you had a great spring break. I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Princess

  2. I love Charlotte's Web! The unit looks great!

    1. Thank you, it was definitely a process to get it to where I wanted it! :)

  3. Looks like you had a busy week with your lil one. How fun! And your Charlotte's Web unit looks great on here. I can't wait to head to your TPT to check it out. Thanks for sharing... Stop back by my blog if you'd like a freebie :)

    Lovely Literacy & More

    1. Thank you Brittany!! I love your blog, you definitely have some cute stuff yourself!! :)

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful Spring break! I just foudn your blog and I am glad I did! I am your newest follower! :)

    Fashion Craze Learning Days

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa!! I have to say my FAVORITE thing about your blog is the signature color of PURPLE!! :)