Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BlogLovin' Linky!

Ok, ok... are you SO tired of hearing about how Google Reader is going kaputs on July 1st???? I really don't mean to be a pain, but you DON'T want to miss out on your favorite blogs, freebies, new ideas, etc, ect! I shared a few alternatives to keep up... One being my FB page, Google+, and my MOST favorite BLOGLOVIN!
 Tori has an AWESOME tutorial for signing up & adding your faves to it (which is SUPER easy might I add).   If you aren't already signed up... Head to Tori's post NOW & do it before you forget!! :)

One thing I thought would be fun to share to the newbies joining BlogLovin' is all of the AWESOME features it provides!  So here is my little feature preview & commercial for BlogLovin'!


My ALL TIME favorite thing about bloglovin' is this though!!!!!!  

I always hate when I read an awesome post & then have to go back and SEARCH & SEARCH & SEARCH for it!! The "like" option saves you ALL that trouble!! More like "LOVEEEE" to me! :) So click the button below to follow me now!!

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