Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Too Much Fun!

Ok... I feel like I've been slacking & lagging this week!  I've been planning to post for 3 days now, but at the end of these busy days I just have been too exhausted to muster up the energy to post!! I'm sorry!

So why have the days been so busy?!?!  Well I think I hit ugh... Panic Mode about getting my room set up & ready to go!! I have spent... ehhhhh all together about a week in my room already!  Plus all the time I've spent this summer getting centers ready, transferring & organizing my files to binders, buying classroom STUFF & making cutesy tootsie stuff put together for the room!  Here are some pictures of what I've been up to!
 Monday I braved taking my munchkin with me to my classroom!! She "helped" by making some fun messes... you know dumping out my trays of coins, stacking the jenga blocks, and by doing some coloring or "codor" as she would say!!  To give my room a little break, I let let her watch Finding Nemo! PTL for technology & classroom projectors!!! She had my bench cushion for her pillow and all the stuffed animals she could get on the desk with her at one time!  After being such a trooper, I took her for a sweet treat to get a summer favorite!! :)
 Later that evening B helped me make the yummiest Banana Crumb Cake!!! Can you tell how much she enjoyed eating all the raw ingredients and "helping" mom!?!?!?  Click Here to get the recipe, thank you pinterest!
 I spent Monday evening doing some laminating... I swear I don't know what I would do without my little Scotch Laminator!! This thing & I are BFF!  I think it has successfully laminated about 500 pages .... since Christmas.... Addict, I know.
 Tuesday I had some quiet time in my room since I had a training in the afternoon.  I cleaned out my math center tubs since I didn't at the end of the year..... & filled them with my DRAGon Me Back to School Math Centers!!
 I had a chance to "decorate" my little corner of the room!! Last year I had the blue-greenish tree that I painted at Painting with Twist just learning on a shelf in my room.  The other colorful tree painting was given to me by one of my sweet babies last year as a gift during teacher appreciation week!  So sweet!!  The Chevron Frame is magnetic & I just HAD to have it from good ole' Hob-Lob!  Thank you 3-M, you are my friend & have made this corner possible!! We aren't allowed to put holes of any sort in our walls (no stapes or tacks) so 3-M & I have a great relationship!  I seriously should own stock.
After one of my team mates took home ALL of her files this summer and organized & put them into binders.... I LOVED the idea & had to be a copy-cat!  See how atrocious this filing cabinet looks & how much SPACE these files take up... Well I have consolidated & am in love! 
 I have only finished one subject, but grabbed another one today to start on this evening, hopefully!  Each unit is separated by a little tabby sheet that I made!  I took a sheet of cardstock and used {these} amazing tabs that I wrote on and then laminated them using my beloved laminator! ;)  Behind each tab, I put a clear plastic protector to put examples of different activities we do with that unit!   I kid you not, the number of repeat pages I threw away was ridiculous... not to mention all of the things I had in there that ugh.... I didn't ever use once. 
 Yesterday,  I received this little gem in the mail!! :)  I can't wait to share more about it with you, tomorrow!!!
 Today, one of my best friends, who also happens to be a co-worker, Diana and I went to IKEA!!  Yeesh, that store always gets me in trouble!  We had a blast thinking & sharing different ideas out loud with each other as we found some awesome finds!  While I didn't get these 99 cent rugs (they were on sale), because I wasn't wild about the colors, I HAD to share the idea that Diana thought up!  She had the idea to have students use them as a "partner rug" when students do work in pairs!  This means students can ONLY sit where their rug can fit & will require a little spacing between those groups that sometimes like to try and form a quad!  I am going to go check out the Dollar Tree and see if they by chance carry bath mats in another color so that I can do this in my room! 
So just what did I buy??  Well I bought these cute teal stools for my computer centers!! I have three computers & they are along my back wall where the kids line up!! In the past I put a regular chair at the computers, but it takes up so much of the asile, so I NEEDED these stools!  I also snagged 6 sets of their $1.99  - 5 pk magazine boxes (for student book boxes) and the two sided frames that swivel... which I will show you later what plan I have for those!!
When I went to school to drop off my new things, I finally decided what to write on my newly re-designed chalkboard!  With my love of teaching writing, I only felt this was appropriate!  I bought the chalkboard from Hobby Lobby & painted the frame yellow for my kids for part of their Mother's Day present.  I knew I wanted to use it for a fun decorative way in the classroom this year, so I just added some fun chevron ribbon (also from Hobby Lobby) and used my colorful chalk to spruce it up!! :)
 When I picked up B from my moms & we got home... she immediately wanted to paint!! This girl loves to paint!! She is going to be a little artist, I know it already!! :)

Hope you were able to keep up & I didn't bore you with my busy week!  This is what happens when I don't post immediately!! Note to self: Do a better job at keeping up with blog posts!

I have NOT forgotten about the 100 follower giveaway, to be truthful..... I am almost done getting all the things I need ready for it & it will be up & ready for entries on FRIDAY!!!!!!!  I can't wait, because let me tell you.... I have some generous ladies who are giving away some of MY favorite products!!! :)  Can't wait, can't wait!!!

I will be back tomorrow, scouts honor!! Oh & the next day too!! :)

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  1. Hi Kelli! Congrats on getting some things done ini your room. Looking good! :-)

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