Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord

It's Sunday and boy does it feel like one!  We have been L-A-Z-Y this morning & the fact that I have professional development in the morning, which makes it a REAL Sunday, doesn't help!  I am linking up with Michelle from Fabulous in First today!  For me, random and all over the place is how I feel most of my posts are so this should be easy for me! :)
I'm going to start of with B's room!  She upgraded to a BIG girl bed right before her birthday & mommy got new furniture, so it was only natural that I just redo her whole room, right?!?!  When I bought my house and moved in 2+ years ago, no painting happened.  The cream walls stayed because I was almost 7 months preggers!  I was just happy to get everything in the house, unpacked, and set up for her arrival!!! Two years later, you can only imagine how ready I've been to get some color on these walls!!  I just painted one wall in her room and one wall in my room for now, but I'm in love with how cute her painted wall turned out, plus she is SUPER proud of it herself!! She shows everyone that comes to the house!! love.  :)

Here is the before picture of the wall I painted.  plain. jane. .... sorry for the awful quality..... I rely on my iphone too much... must find camera charger!!
 Here is the after shot.  You can vagually see the pattern on the wall.... the next picture down has better lighting!  I made her sign, thanks to a sign I saw on pinterest!  I also made the teal and pink cross frame.  There is really no theme to her room... just lots of vibrant colors!  I plan to find more to add to the wall, but for now... this is it!

I shared some pictures of B's birthday on my post Friday.... but I forgot these & couldn't resist sharing!! If you follow me on instagram, you've probably already seen them!! :)

Can you tell how much B loved getting her nails done or as she calls it "pretties mommy!"

So I never explained a BIG part of the reason for my blogging hiatus.... My grandmother went into the hospital two weeks ago.  After spending a week there she was finally able to go home!  I spent two nights, plus several days that we went to visit on top of that with her!  I'm sure anyone who has had family, friends, or personally been in the hospital can agree that it is plain exhausting!  We also have gone to spend a couple days with her at home, too!! Here is a picture of B enjoying her ice cream at Nene's house!! Can you say spoiled??? 
 Beyond that we've been PAINTING!
 Singing and playing instruments! (dancing too, it's hard to get an action shot of that though!)
We've also tried to do quite a bit of swimming!! This was a day at our community water park! 

I managed to FINALLY get my BTS math centers D.O.N.E!  I've redone several of the centers, several times to get it all just right! I'm so excited about these and how many ways I was able to suggest and offer ways to differentiate in these!!
 I originally planned on doing 12 centers, but with all of the differentiation activities, I nixed a few of my original activities!  One was a number pattern one, that I actually made into a freebie that I featured in Friday's post! Click on the pictures to take a closer look or go download the preview in my TPT store.

You can get them {here} on sale for the next 48 hours... or lets just say until Monday night Tuesday night at Midnight for $4!  That is definitely a steal!  I can't wait to get them printed off tomorrow!!   Now my todo list continues!! I was eager to get done with these so I can start on the next things on my list!! :)  

I will leave you with the sweetest picture that just melts my teacher heart!

 What teacher wouldn't love their kids falling asleep reading?!?! She ALWAYS has to sleep with whatever book(s) we've read that night before bed!! Love!

Would you agree that this has been slightly random?!?!  It's hard to believe summer is almost halfway over! :(

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  1. Love the pedi pictures and your centers look amazing! Such a cute title. Thanks for linking up!